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Summer of Lovers 2022

Summer’s a state of mind — just call its name and float on back to June. Handfuls of refreshment here, courtesy of the Lovers, worldwide, all summer long. Party on. Whenever you may be.

In My Life by The Beatles
​​As I'm about to move cities, I've been playing this song a lot lately. It's the perfect sound for reminiscing about the good times.
— Rob

Sinkies by Hot Sugar
The reason I picked up this song is: In the past summer, the heat in Shanghai was indescribable. I often complained about why I went to work to do design in such a hot season. I felt that the dazzling sunshine was consuming my passion for design. But it just so happens that this song can make my thoughts "colorful" again.
— Zhuohan

Oogum Boogum Song by Brenton Wood
This feels like the start of a coming-of-age movie set in the 70s and I'm the main character. We're 14 and we've just picked up our bikes and are on our way to sneak into the local beach club and steal ice cream from the freezer around the back of the hot dog truck. And then we'll swim and get salt in our eyes and cycle home with wet towels around our waists and fall asleep way too early (probs from sunstroke). :)
— Carla

Palco by Gilberto Gil
This song makes me really smile and want to dance. It takes me back to being on the beach with my friends in summer and drinking unintentionally warm beer...
— Alice

Feeling of Love by Harvey Sutherland
Ok I'm going to go for Feeling of Love by Harvey Sutherland, although it could be any off that album. It's been the only musical constant for me all summer, for chilling or running or partying, it's so good. It's got a slap bass, jittery electro-funk synth-pop vibe and great soulful vocals. The Mighty Elk loves it!
— Andy

Lights Up by Channel Tres + Flight Facilities
It's impossible not to dance to this track!
— Ade

Skyy, Can You Feel Me by Raphael Saadiq
This song makes me think of chilled beach days reminiscing about funny memories with a group of great friends.
— Amber

Gin is Not My Friend by Ish Marquez
We climbed back through the window for one last dance.
The living room empty, none of our belongings.
It's more echoey than it was before, just a shell.
We moved out weeks ago but decided to climb back in for one last dance.
— Nick

Ostrova Bezi by Chillera
The name of this song by a Ukrainian all-girls electronic band would translate as 'Bezi Islands', and I have no idea what those islands are, but I'd like to imagine them as the place of childhood memories of the summer, with long days, salty seawater and knees covered in mosquito bites and scabs. And of course the first crush!

Trouble by Joy Crookes
It's a song about a constant argument with a family member, but I feel it's relevant to the push-pull we go through as creatives, and in the end, we are in it together, no matter how much we are fighting our corner.
— Sun

Cuff It by Beyonce
It's got to be Beyonce - Cuff It for me. Even without the TikTok viral dance madness, it's just a feel good vibe that makes you want to get up and move - it makes me smile instantly! A banger for any season from Queen Bey.
— CJ

Maybe Sometimes by DJ Plant Texture
A high energy jungle track that never fails to kick my brain into gear, it's also got some hazy old school sounds that remind me of summers gone that had less worry, tension, and anger in our lives.
— Jack

Djatasoun by Tidiane Thiam
Warm and Mellow.
— Jamie

YaYaYa by RY X
The tune we'd put on post Swedish lake swim, enveloped by a forest canopy. Mellow, with a deep beat that moves and uplifts, a rhythm that ebbs and flows, lyrics that motivate those expansive summer vibe feels. Big favourite.
— Victoria

Vivi's Meadow by Mang
This is a light summer motif that sounds a bit like a computer quest game.
— Helen

Oreo - malibu seven seas remix by Tohji & Malibu
Because it sounds like summer and partying!
— Jae

Spit by Jameszoo
The haunted synth work on this feels like artificial bird song. There's a chaos to all of Jameszoo's work, especially the early 2010's EPs on Rwina, but even in the Jazz-adjacent bits since he signed to Brainfeeder. It feels like summer to me – those days where it's warm enough that you're a witness to pretty much everything, nice enough that you're not in any rush. Watching life just happen, this song kinda sounds like what that feels like.
— Kia

Summer Naps by SoulFa
Just a nice song to listen to when you take naps in the summer.
— Arianna

Work by Gang Starr
This is my song of the summer (because I love to work).
— Josh

Heatwave by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Distract yourself from impending doom and snap your fingers to the sound of the sizzling 60's, when a heatwave meant miniskirts, summer romances, and cold cola.
— Sam

Native New Yorker by Odyssey
This summer I became a dad and required a major coping mechanism. It was Disco. Loud. In big, puffy noise-cancelling headphones. Jiggling baby up and down, side to side, round and round, making him 'dance' through the cries. Native New Yorker brought a touch of pizazz to these ludicrous, primal weeks, jamming an imaginary cappuccino in my hand and whisking me right back to those hot slabs of sidewalk that make up 5th Ave, clip clopping between meetings in the greatest city on earth.
Alex O

California Sun by The Rivieras
Who else is dreaming of walking next to the sea right now? Even when it's not 40 degrees out, I've been craving a dip in the cool ocean. While listening to this surfy tune, at least, I can make believe until I get there.
— Dan P

Roman Holiday by Fontaines D.C.
It's melancholic and uplifting at the same time, and will always remind me of Glastonbury 2022.
— Dan C

Both of Us by Jayda G
I recently took a road trip with 2 friends. In preparation, we created a shared playlist and added our best road trip songs independently of each other. When we got in the car I took a look at the playlist and all of us had added this song. That piano, what a banger.
— Spencer

About Damn Time by Lizzo
Having just had a baby - disco classics and white noise have been the only things playing on my Spotify this summer. Baby and I love bouncing along to Lizzo's new album. Her disco-pop single 'About Damn Time' brings me much needed energy and makes us both feeeeel goooood!
— Hattie

Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust
A classic.
— Lisa

Zombie by Fela Kuti & Afrika 70
Don't live like a zombie, wake-up, open your senses and for 12mins, 23secs dance yourself into a blissful state of conscious summer awareness! X
— Rhett

Duel by Gesaffelstein
Reminds me of going to raves and festivals during Summer.
— Noni

Baby Baby by Corona
I gave birth mid July and feel that this song captures the euphoric madness of the whole thing. Upbeat, high energy and appropriate lyrics to boot. I love this track, it reminds me of my ravey dancefloor days!
— Alex S

Juanita 2022 by Underworld
When my beloved band came up with an updated version of my favourite song - I just knew this summer's gonna be perfect!
— Kristina

Happiness by Alexis Jordan
Turns out more people than you'd imagine know every single word to this perfect summer anthem. On beaches and boats, enjoy being surrounded by loved ones, battered by sun.
— Tamara

Ani Kuni by Polo & Pan
So just one song, that's quite the challenge! I think if we're going uplifting, it's gonna have to be Ani Kuni by Polo & Pan. Not much to say other than it's a straight-up banger. From the weird cowboy start to the bubbly bass after the drop.
— Alex P

Inspirit by Julianna Barwick
Because: calming, euphoric.
— Ellie

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Sweet Caroline will always remind me of sweaty East London pubs, midweek hangovers, and lovely delicious friendship. I don't know how many times I've cried to this song, but it's a lot. C'mon, the Lionesses!!!
— Rida

Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend
The most serene beginning, slow and warm like the start of summer. The build of it and its heat. The peak of euphoria and then… the slow, warm end of it too.
— Carla

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