Words by Alex O


Washout. Dime Store. Dinner Bucket. These are bowling terms. We’ve all been bowling. Wait what, you’ve NEVER BEEN BOWLING oh my Nazareth whattttt??! How do you even... anyway, ok FINE — well, when you go BOWLING, you BOWL and then what happens is no matter how many pins you do or don’t knock over, no matter how smelly the shoes or warm the coke, you are regaled with an animated celebration up-on-high (on the screen). It’s always a nuts, glittering fantasia of surreal, numerical confirmation — you hit ‘two’ or ‘six’ or, touch wood, you bowled a STRIKE (a Strike is the best you can get in bowling… I mean technically there’s a badger and so on, but let’s not get into that here). I desperately want to work with a range of different animators to design a real suite of these celebrations. For a real bowling alley. Anywhere in the world. Please, someone let me. The only rule seems to be that they have to be completely ridiculous, so I’ve started to ask the most bonkers people I know to send me action scripts (limited to 140 characters). Early faves posting here v soon.

Pillow Talk is a string of sweet nothings between , the design collective. More about us at lovers.co


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