Artwork by Ellie


I always want to do more abstract work. So on a road trip in America during the Summer I decided to record my dreams visually using a small watercolour palette and square watercolour pad. Using shape, texture and tone I tried to convey their atmosphere, mood and narrative. Our road trip was thrown off course by raging forest fires when trying to enjoy an alfresco beverage, it rained ash. This rather apocalyptic atmosphere experienced in off-the-beaten-track American towns led me to have some pretty interesting dreams. It’s a good challenge trying to convey an experience without using traditional representations of objects or things. I think I'll do it more.

1. The Journey and The Trial
2. Furnishing a Home with Exotic Taste
3. The Chase in a Foreign Land
4. Impromptu Performance Gone Wrong
5. Canoe Terror Trip
6. Collisian

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